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Why Web Development in 2020?

Why Web Development in 2020?

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·Aug 20, 2020·

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This is my first blog as a developer to intro Web Development as well a kick-start to the same.

Then and Now!

teemu-paananen-bzdhc5b3Bxs-unsplash.jpg The evolution from World Wide Web by Sir.Tim Berners-Lee to the modern sites is drastic as the needs of human lives increase.

Making lives better.

Which serves as the motto for whole tech world and mean a lot , Long then in 1990's websites were all like documentations or plain texts , accessed by only techies for development purposes , since then Web community had seen a steep growth which had made this a basic neccessity for common people.

Now not a single person can't make their lives without websites google is a special kinda website so wake up to see a great oppurtunity in this field ,

I have got to meet many founders and co-founders of different technologies to build up web.

This is because of the diversity in websites on the market , probably each object got one website I mean anything, So this is still growing and won't stop in foreseeable future. worth learning the skill set.

This booming tech field needs a giant task force , which is still holding the on demand jobs all over the world.

What actually does a web developers do!

kyle-glenn--f8ssjFhD1k-unsplash.jpg More over the template based development and content managements ready made niche in development web developers do a complicated tasks of adding UI/UX , storing data , interaction with alien sites, security which maybe from scratch if its a startup else its about maintaining and updating.

These do require a vast skill set but mastering one is kind off a developers thing, due to the open source and free content in web this is not a scary thing to start on later in this blog I had mentioned some free contents.

The job market is wide due to specialities frontend, backend , database ,cloud, security, SEO's , version control.

  • mostly a developer end up a junior to work on as assistants to the seniors and knowing the code base of the corporate.
  • freelancing is a trend as many tend to have complete knowledge to develop a complete site from scratch.
  • Startups tend to be a area of interest for newbies as its a mixture of corporate and freelancing.

Skill set required


  • HTML
  • CSS(flex,grid)
  • JavaScript
  • Git / Linux Command line
  • React js frontend library
  • Node package manager
  • MySQL or MongoDB Database

This represent a MERN(MongoDB ExpressJS ReactJs NodeJS) stack , as well there are many stacks present;

  • MEAN MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS NodeJS.
  • MEVN MongoDB ExpressJS VueJS NodeJS.
  • LAMP Linux Apache MySQL PHP.
  • DJANGO Python Django MySQL.
  • RUBY ON RAILS Ruby SQLite Rails.

Developers are kinda jack of all trades and master of none


"Learning to code is useful no matter what your career ambitions are."
Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post.

*Don't start with complicated materials or tutorials

Some of materials for a smooth start:

Plenty books are avail for free online these do give a reference.



"Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn."
~Stephen Hawking, Physicist & Cosmologist

That speaks so louder , So that you won't listen to me.

Obviously the future is unpredictable with AI, Machine Learning, Data Science. So stop learning is the only way you fail , start today.

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