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Tech Careers ain't solely about coding!!

Tech Careers ain't solely about coding!!

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·Sep 4, 2020·

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Tech careers ain't confined to coding and developing stuff, there are a lot in this paradigm, this blog introduces to some handful of such careers that don't require coding in expert level.

UI/UX Designer


User inteface and User experience are profound field to dive in as for designers out there, ranging from vast majority of software's such as for mobile devices, web apps, home appliances and many more.

These days as marketing got unique strategies, design is of at most importance to grab attention at the first place.

These require adequate creativity as most of them work with adobe illustrator or XD as such but there are even tools like GIMP, Figma, Inkscape and lot more which doesn't require a high end PC.

Project Management


Well known role in tech industry to lead a project completely to meet all the requirements mentioned as well to drive force to make the group work productively.

Communication, managerials, leadership, work ethic and many more soft skills combine to form a legible manager.



Quality assurance and Quality control is similar to Software testers these require some knowledge on how a software works and debugging skills.

Its a way of pointing out fatal defects in software before its released officially, such beta versions. ISO 9000 is a quality assuring standard which is accepted globally.

Business Analyst


More of a research oriented field for enhancing business needs or change through solving business problems.

Critical thinking, problem solving, observers, and more of a social skills are a forehand.

Tech Writer


Are kinda professional content creators to provide catchy, fresh, involving content on technology which can be delivered through any medium.

Require a vast knowledge of sources to produce content as well vocabulary, typing, socially active are keen skills to procure.

Tech Journalist


Can be thought of a exploring the vital sources to prepare for the contents to be intended to be published in social media.

Communication, interpersonal, adaptability are appreciated.

Foremost thing to note is that Inorder to find your passion you gotta try lot of stuff.

Yup all great stories are being told But yours is yet to be explored.

Hope you gotta take something from here, happy weekends :)

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