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Setup Notion for beginner's

Setup Notion for beginner's

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·Nov 2, 2020·

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One of the best productive tool for all kind of managerial

Notion !!

Notion is an one-stop-stand workspace where we write, plan, collaborate and all of a sudden get organized as of it's a new normal, and allows us to take notes, manage schedules, group tasks and much more.

How it feels to be in Notion


Allows us to write in full fledged beautiful clean space as well the built-in templates, build your wiki, kanban boards, calendars, simple todo list and by the by whatsoever sparks into your mind.

Main feature can be thought of availability across Web, Mobiles and PC's. And the synchronization across platforms is ease for the users.

By now for personal use its free and also team accounts are avail for some cost, collaborations can be tremendous experience.

Is truly a parent of Google docs, Evernote, Trello as well the Todoist

Let's Set it Up

Kind reminder, Notion can be super messy at first sight, So lets follow KISS or just KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, don't mess around and do what you are meant to, later update as you wish to.

Every thing in notion is a block let it be text, image, checklist, bullets, code. Standalone pages to databases are easily avail in a click.

  • Add and Edit content

Initially notion has inbuilt templates for starters, add and edit is as usual in editors and features get in our way when we need them.


  • Workspace

Area of interest that we wish to organize comes under the workspace, its similar to a dashboard.


  • Databases

Advanced features avail for all type of data storage.


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